This page highlights representative samples of my works:

performed by Nebula Ensemble

Inspired by Katie Caron and Martha Russo’s mammoth Denver Art Museum installation “apoptosis” – named for the biological process of cell death – Reconstructing Apoptosis represents the installation’s opposing elements of organic forms, glowing orbs, and industrial power lines through three types of music that interrupt one another to craft a landscape of steep inclines, rough crevices, semi-animate creatures, and buoyant luminosity. Read More

Written to be choreographed by Kathak dance group Sureela Ensemble, Finding the Soul of Physical Space combines traditional rhythmic structures of Kathak with my own harmonic language to create a new fusion. Read More

Performed by Playground Ensemble

A complex re-imagining of the chant “Ave Maris Stella,” the vaguely maritime harmonic and timbral landscape of this piece is inspired by the unique sympathetic resonances of my 1908 upright grand piano. Read More