Music for guitar

Solo guitar

  • Interior Castle for solo guitar, premiered by Laura Husbands, February 2015
  • Ascension for solo guitar, premiered by the composer, March 2011; performed by Laura Husbands, 2012 and 2013
  • The Book of Image and Sound, for solo guitar, recitation, and video, one performer, premiered by the composer, May 2010

Guitar with other instruments

  • Sparringfor flute and guitar, premiered November 2015 by the Keith/Larson Duo, commissioned by Zachary Larson and Leanna Keith. Click here to buy sheet music.
  • Stella Marisfor flute, B flat clarinet, violin, viola, cello, guitar, and piano, premiered by the Playground Ensemble, April 2015
  • Stella Maris, version for E flat clarinet, B flat clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, violin, guitar, and piano, premiered by the Modern Hue new music ensemble, March 2015
  • The Cavern of Starsfor soprano, mezzo soprano, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, cello, contrabass, guitar, and piano, premiered by Nebula Ensemble, March 2015
  • Nocturnefor guitar quartet, premiered March 2012 – Free Sheet Music